Walking With Dinosaurs – The Arena Spectacular

You have not seen anything like this before! Literally in a few minutes you will be transferred to millions of years ago, and before your eyes these incredible creatures will appear! The event will take place at Manchester Arena VIP Suite.

“Walking with Dinosaurs”- a large-scale performance based on the famous television series BBC, returns to Latvia this fall. The show, which has already seen more than 9 million people around the world, will be presented at Arena Spectacular from 3rd & 4th August. The packages Starts From £35 Per Person.

Now not on the TV screen, not on pages of illustrated books, but literally before you will see and feel THEM! Hear and feel their steps and growl, will become a witness of their reign on Earth. Could you imagine something like this?

This large-scale theatrical performance was thought out to the smallest detail and involves everyone from small to large. In addition, it is based on real history, so it will be interesting and informative. All spectators will be involved in what is happening on the site and are shocked by such a large-scale show.

Dinosaurs will again wander the earth at a time when the theatrical show “A walk with dinosaurs” will return to Riga in 2018. The show “Walking with Dinosaurs“, which was watched by more than 9 million people in more than 250 cities around the world, will begin its world tour in July, in the UK, and then go to conquer arenas throughout Europe. Updated ultra-modern technology worth $20 million highlights the status of this show as the largest and best dinosaur show in the world.

Advanced production will demonstrate exciting and colorful dinosaur changes based on the latest scientific research, including possible feathering of some species. The show “Walk with dinosaurs” is a production of the company Global Creatures. Within 1 hour and 40 minutes, viewers will be presented with the evolution of dinosaurs with almost cinematic realism.

The show has scenes of interaction between dinosaurs, shows the evolution of carnivorous dinosaurs before the development of walking on two legs, as well as how herbivorous dinosaurs fought off more mobile predators.

Nine kinds of dinosaurs are represented from the entire era of dinosaurs for 200 million years. The show includes the Tyrannosaurus Rex, the ferocious predator, and the Plesiosaurus and Liliensternus, who lived in the Triassic period, Stegosaurus and Allosaurus, who lived in the Jurassic period and Torosaurus, and Utah raptor, which lived the Cretaceous period.

The largest of these is the Brachiosaurus, 11 meters high and 17 meters from the nose to the tail. The production of the show took one year and a team of 50 people, including engineers, designers, skin manufacturers, artists and experts in the field of animatronics.

The history of the world unfolds from the scenes splitting the continents of the Earth, and the transition from a barren desert in the Triassic period displays green landscapes with lush vegetation and the power of the late Jurassic period. Forms of the oceans, volcanic eruptions, forest swept by fire – all this leads to the impact of a huge comet that collided with the earth and led to the extinction of dinosaurs.