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The UK is, of course, one of Europe’s must-see destinations. England, Northern Ireland, Wales, and Scotland: Each region has its own identity and rich history. Your stay in the United Kingdom will allow you to discover this multi-faceted country at the various hotel and attraction tickets included.

UK Tour from September 2018

According to the plan of the builders, the theme park is the center of family recreation and entertainment, which largely determines the choice of the topic itself. To unite people of different ages and, above all, attract the adult population, it should be not only entertaining but also information-cognitive.

Parks can be created around a wide variety of topics: history, culture, geography, sports, etc. Some of them are devoted entirely to one topic; others touch upon different topics. You can book your Summer Attraction Tours from where the tour packages from £39 per person. What is the best part of this? You can add extra nights and travel.

From general information offered to the attention of visitors during the tours of the park, these institutions of the entertainment industry have moved to the organization of a full-fledged educational process. Theme parks allocate large funds for education. They create specialized schools, open training programs, invite teachers to conduct classes, and issue study books.

In addition to the original concept, theme parks have a number of other advantages over traditional amusement parks. Theme parks are located outside the city. It is estimated that for a profitable operation they should be within two hours of reach. Here are some tour packages theme parks provided by Super break. They offer theme parks, zoos, city breaks, castles throughout the UK and Europe.

Lego land, Windsor

Lego land is a theme park dedicated to the fantasy and creativity of children aged 2 to 13 years, occupying 150 acres of beautiful parkland. It has themed game expositions, construction workshops, interactive routes, and shows plus lego-models of cities from around the globe. You can combine a tour of Windsor Castle or Hampton Court with a visit to Lego land.

Thorp, Surrey

The main attraction: Stealth is a hill with the fastest trailers.

Up to 130 km/h they accelerate in just 2 seconds, lifting their passengers to a height of 76 meters. It is an ideal park for fans of speeds and altitudes, hungry for adrenaline rations. After the thrill, you can relax in restaurants and shops, or go on one of the brightest shows.

Alton Towers, Staffordshire

This fantastic park offers fun for all tastes and ages and is one of the most visited attractions in the UK. This park corresponds to the level of Disneyland or the park of Universal Studios. On 200 hectares there are thematic and water parks, an interactive aquarium, “extraordinary” golf, a farm, an ancient landlord’s house, two hotels, a spa, restaurants. Tickets available on