Sea Life Aquarium: Explore the London Aquarium

In London, children can visit Sea Life Aquarium, which is located in the historic Town Hall building at the Westminster Bridge, directly opposite the famous Big Ben. In the same building, the Namico Station and the surreal exhibition “Dali Universe” are located, and the London Eye wheel is nearby.

Get priority Admissions to Sea Life Aquarium and enjoy the view of Sharks, Stingrays, Penguins plus many more. The tickets from a £17 start at Premier Experience. Book your date online.

Discovering the depths of the abyss has always fascinated men. This journey to explore the depths of the sea can efficiently be undertaken in central London. A few steps from Westminster Bridge will open the doors of Sea Life, a journey into the abysses of the Atlantic Ocean.

The collection of the London Aquarium has collected more than 350 species of underwater inhabitants from around the world. Three floors of the aquarium are divided into 14 thematic zones, among them – ponds and rivers, the waters of the Indian Ocean, coral reefs, the upper layer of the Atlantic Ocean and others.

The basis of the Aquarium exposition is two reservoirs – the Pacific and Atlantic, each filled with water of 1 million liters. The living conditions of marine life in these aquariums are as close to natural as possible.

Also, there are 50 other expositions in the London Aquarium. Children can enjoy special love in the form of scuba diving and public feeding of fish, including huge sharks. And skates, crabs, and starfishes. Bold adults can themselves dive to the sharks and spend 15 minutes underwater with them.

To not miss anything of interest, before visiting the expositions of the London aquarium, look at the plan of the day in the lobby of the building. So you do not miss the time of feeding fish and lectures. The tunnels with transparent walls will allow you to observe the wonders of marine life closely. Do not miss the suspended glass platform from which to find the different species of sharks, which swim right under your feet.

If all this is not enough to satisfy your thirst for knowledge, we recommend the latest addition to the Sea Life London Aquarium, Behind the Scenes. A 40-minute tour behind the scenes of the attraction, to learn the secrets of managing an aquarium so important:

  • Animal care and research
  • Management of water resources
  • Preparation of food
  • You have to leave on this journey to discover what the French poet always defines as an “implacable brother.”

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