Harry Potter Studio Tour: Discover the Magic behind the Scenes

For almost a decade, Harry Potter movies have delighted thousands of fans of every generation and across the entire planet: the story of this little sorcerer’s apprentice who began in the imagination of a successful novelist: JK Rowling in “Harry Potter at the School of Wizards ” continues today to raise the passions. It must be said that films have succeeded books and special effects made to fit perfectly with the realism of books have dreamed more.

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These films were shot in the Warner Bros studio located in Leaves den, about 30 kilometers northeast of London and since March 31, 2012, this studio has opened its doors to the public for a tour called Warner Bros Studio Harry Potter Tour.

Since the opening of the studio to the public, it is the affluence, it must be said that this visit offers a unique chance to dive into the magic world of the saga of Harry Potter movies. You will have the privilege to discover the backdrop; you’ll be able to explore the sets, the props, costumes and models of the series, all that the cameras have never shown you and once again, discover all the magic of these films in the studios where they have been created.

The permanent exhibition- a summer attraction for all ages

The tour begins with the entrance with the giant portraits of the main actors – then with a movie theater where are projected the beginnings of the Harry Potter saga to put us in the mood, then it is the opening of the door which gives in the big Hall, the great hall of Hogwarts. At Premier Experience, return coach from London included within the package.

At this level, the visit becomes autonomous – we can visit the different rooms at our pace, take the time to observe and admire every detail of each object in the rooms, we thus have access to the office of Dumbledore, Hagrid’s hut, Gryffindor Dormitory, Potions Hall, Diagon Alley – a fantastic place, wander over the Hogwarts bridge, recognize Harry Potter’s aunt’s house at number 4, Private Drive, try to drive the Magic bus, you take a picture in the Ford Anglia, the magic car of the Chamber of Secrets, you can even visit the platform 9 ¾ and climb inside the Hogwarts Express.

The attention to detail and the special effects are so well done that Leaves den Studios have quickly become one of London’s most popular attractions. We also offer family deals and special offers for various tours. At Premier Experience the package starts from just £72.

This excursion will allow you the chance to learn a little more about the different special effects used in movies; the invisibility cloak, the Nimbus 2000, Hatred’s bike, the Wesley Family’s magical kitchen and creatures like goblins, the monster book, the Malfoy Manor, Lord Voldemort and his Death Eaters.

The studio allows you to enjoy happy memories such as a photo where it is possible to put in the situation also in a mini-movie flying over London aboard the magic broom or towards the famous wizard school aboard the Hogwarts Express.

Finally a gift shop with enough to afford all the paraphernalia necessary to be a real Gryffindor or why not a Slithering closed the course! With replicas of magic wands, t-shirts, mugs, books and many other accessories – a much better gift shop with accessories, gadgets and little souvenir gifts than Harry Potter’s small shop platform nine ¾  from King’s train station Cross.

Whether you’re an avid fan of Harry Potter or want to discover the location, this tour should delight young and old alike.

Allow about 3 hours to complete the visit without the need to hurry.