Enjoy The Exorcist Live in London – Feel Scared; Feel Thrilled

There are several specific reasons why Exorcist is considered as the scariest movie of all-time in the history of motion picture all over the world. Rumors are there that many audiences fainted and got a panic attack while watching this movie in the theaters for the first time.

Now, once again that same scary feeling will return in the ambiance of London; but this time it will be created on the famous West End Stage. To obtain the unique theatrical experience of this scariest production you need to book the tickets as soon as possible. This is the very first time you can experience the horror of Exorcist on the theater stage; which will make the ambiance as scary as hell.

This is based on William Peter Beatty’s best-selling novel. When Hollywood produced and created the movie in this novel, then the whole world got a terrifying effect by watching the same. People with two storied building felt scared to go upstairs because of this movie since in this movie “that thing” lived in the upstairs; inside a young girl named Regan. That movie was successful in making an entire generation terrified. Now it is the time to feel that same horror inside the Phoenix Theater in West End.

This much-awaited theater will be directed by famous film and theater director Sean Mathias. It is said that the novel was inspired by true events and it is needless to say that it is completely successful to create a history among the film lovers.

Collect Your Tickets Now

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You can get the details of the show on their website. The address of Phoenix Theater is Charing Cross Road, London, WC2H 0JP. It is an air-conditioned theater hall with bar and other facilities. You can access wheelchair if required inside that theater. The suggested audience age for this show is 18+.

The booking of the tickets will start from 20th October 2017. You can book the tickets until 10th March 2018. It is always an easy option to book the tickets from Premier Experience. To avoid the large queue, you can book your tickets online and enjoy the shows. However, early booking is recommended if you do not want to miss the show because the production house is expecting that each night will be a houseful. You can have tickets and packages from them. You can have hotel deals within this package. The tickets are available from only £20 in Premier Experience.

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