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Kinky Boots- Adelphi Theatre London

Want to get on the brightest and colorful musical of the new theatrical season in London? Come out of the theater, smiling and humming, everybody say Yeah? Want to see men who run on 15-inch high heels quicker than many women? Then take a look at the Musical Kinky Boots! Do “Around London for 40 steps” for you another theatrical review- from Anastasia Glagoleva, a man whom all the workers of London theaters know in person. The play is set to be running at Adelphi Theatre London. The tickets from £15 are available and we are running a sale now on with up to 57% discount.

Kinky Boots, winner of all the major Best Musical awards, among the most popular shows on Broadway and London’s West End, is a fabulous musical celebration of friendship and conviction that can change the world when you change your mind when you can see everything with other eyes. Kinky Boots drags the audience from the narrow spaces of the factory, to the glamorous fashion shows in Milan.

Charlie Price inherited from his father the family shoe factory, now reduced to pavement. He is forced to fire some employees and, to revive the fortunes of the company, understands that he must absolutely diversify his output. Need an extraordinary idea that will come just witnessing the show of Lola, a fabulous drag queen who, for scenic needs, needs new, strong and robustboots.

Musical in London – Kinky Boots (“Flight Bots”)

The shoe factory in a small English town is on the verge of ruin, and the new owner Charlie, after meeting with a versatile gifted person, suddenly decides to redesign the production of boring and ordinary shoes to something more outlandish- shoes for transgender men. Can you imagine how they met Lola, the designer of shoes (he is also Simon) at a factory in Northampton?

Yes, be prepared that on the stage you will see men in women’s dresses and high heels and a shoe factory that begins to make “plague bots”.

In general, this musical is about how important it is to accept yourself and others as they are, about the problems of “fathers and children,” about the correctness of the choice made. The plot concerns a lot of “universal” themes: for example, one of the heroines constantly falls in love with “not those “guys, and even shares his History of Wrong Guys in the solo issue.

A joke about men in heels in the plot, however, also a lot!

Performer of the role of Lola Matt Henry- finalist of one of the past seasons of The Voice. Musicals, Shakespeare, performances with concerts, composing own songs and recording an album- in general, there have been a lot of admirers from him.

And Killian Donnelly, the performer of the role of Charlie Price, previously managed to play the leading roles in other musicals in London – Memphis, The Commitments, and in several other major musicals such as The Phantom of the Opera and Les Miserable’s.

History, by the way, is based on real events, and a similar facial in Northampton did exist. Look and find out! Choose your own seats online at Premier Experience.