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Cricket was first and foremost a story of social class. Until the sixteenth century, this sport was practiced by the popular types and despised by the rich. It was not until the center of the seventeenth century that the aristocracy took an interest in being in contact with the local population and thus, increase its influence.

Both host natiENGLAND v INDIA TEST MATCH CRICKET EXPERIENCEonal and international matches during the season, which runs from April to September.

How to get tickets for a cricket match?

It is possible to Buy Tickets Directly at the stadium without a guarantee of availability and to obtain the desired place. To better anticipate and be sure to have sites for national and international tournaments, it is best to book your tickets directly on the internet.

Come to explore the field, attend international cricket matches and learn more about historical sporting events at this famous cricket stadium.

Watch the first day of the test match at the oval

In summer, you’ll see world-class cricket matches at Kennington Oval, nicknamed “the Oval.” The stadium will reveal its fascinating history and will allow you to access its many areas, including the Members’ Pavilion, the Committee Room, and the Long Room.

Although known as a world-renowned cricket ground and home to the Surrey County Cricket Club, the Oval has been home to many rugby and soccer games. Among the major sporting events that took place, there was the first FA Cup (Football Association) final at the end of the 19th century. You can opt for a guided tour to learn about other essential moments in the history of the stadium.

You will be able to enter the players’ dressing room, where they prepare themselves before entering the field and admire the view from the Corinthian Roof Terrace. You will benefit from the commentators’ point of view at the Brian Johnston Broadcast Center and the Pardon Press Gallery. Guided tours also include the Galadari Museum, the Committee Room and the famous Long Room with a high ceiling overlooking the Oval Trail. This luxurious hall once hosted the big names of cricket such as Sir Donald Bradman and Andrew Flintoff. During the tour, the guide will share insider information and anecdotes about the history of the stadium.

At Premier Experience, we also offer behind the scenes tour and afternoon tea included. The packages from £175 per person are available for hotel and tickets included.

To enjoy the electrifying atmosphere of the stadium, you can buy tickets for an international cricket match: you will choose your side and encourage a team with the other fans. The official stadium site will allow you to buy tickets and get to know about upcoming events.

If the weather allows, you can have a picnic at Kennington Park nearby. Culture lovers can cross the river and visit the Tate Britain Museum in a 20-minute walk. This international art gallery exhibits more than 70,000 works.

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