Walking With Dinosaurs UK Tour

Imagine that dinosaurs returned from a distant era when they used to be the leading masters on earth. Gigantic, terrible, with huge teeth, they will appear before the audience in all their strength. The show was based on the popular BBC program dedicated to dinosaurs. Especially for this purpose, 20 real prototypes of animals were created, such as they were on the planet 185 million years ago.

The presentation is accompanied by music, and special effects, each of the dinosaurs is managed by a separate group of 3 people.

And the paleontologist Huxley, who survived after earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and falling comets, will tell children and adults about the life of dinosaurs, about what global cataclysms caused dinosaurs to die out. This incredible, exciting show will leave indifferent- neither children nor adults. It has already been viewed by more than 7 million people in 206 cities around the world.

Internationally renowned designers have worked together with scientists to create 20 life-size Dinosaur specimens, including the terror of prehistory, Tyrannosaurus-Rex! You will be astonished and enthusiastic to see with your own eyes the return of the most majestic creatures to ever have trodden the earth’s soil.

Walking With Dinosaurs – The Spectacular Arena originally was produced in Australia by Gerry Ryan, Malcolm Cooke, and Jill Bryant and returns to UK, brought by Global Creatures and Barley Arts. A stunning show, designed for the Arenas, a production of 12 million euros, unprecedented quality and size, set up to fascinate young and old. If you also want to get fascinated, then you can book tickets with Premier Experience. The package can be booked for individuals as well as groups and can include meal, travel and hotel if required

The whole family will be fascinated by the show that tells the 200 million years of domination on Earth by the Dinosaurs. You will see them walking. You will hear them roar. You cannot help but watch as they struggle for survival and supremacy. Looking at the wrinkles on the skin and the lash of the eyes, you will know that the Dinosaurs have come back to life! Book VIP suite for private use at all UK venues available. Our price package for starts with tickets from only £34.

The production of 12 million euros in which the most majestic creatures that have trodden the earthly soil are reproduced in such a faithful way as to leave astonished those who find themselves immersed in the space of the show. A show set up to fascinate young and old, which tells 200 million years of dinosaur domination on Earth. They will feel walking, roaring and admiring themselves as they struggle for survival and supremacy.

Each of the largest specimens weighs a ton and a half and is made of 131 meters of hydraulic tubes, 296 meters of fabric, 132 meters of foam rubber and 200 liters of paint. The beasts move with sophisticated mechanical tricks: to guide them, a pilot and two technicians are needed for each model. These extraordinary “models” accompany the public to discover Triassic. The sights, sounds and sophisticated movements of the animals on the scene involve the viewer giving it the distinct sensation of seeing real, natural and spontaneous dinosaurs in their movements, even towards the public.

Book your tickets now @ https://www.premierexperiences.co.uk/ 

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