Come to Birmingham for the World’s Best Horse Show

Every year in October, people from all over the United Kingdom or even the world come to visit one of the best equestrian Horse of the Year Show’. NEC in Birmingham becomes a sight to behold when 50 acres of its land gets filled with thrilling action and world class entertainment. You may be a horse enthusiast, a ready for action rider or just someone looking for an exciting event for the day, Hoys or Horse of the year Show has something for everyone in the family. Sprawled across 5 days, the visitors get to experience competitions, retail therapy, awe-inspiring horsemanship and splendid displays, all in one place! This is one place where all the prestigious horse owners and riders come together in a healthy competitive and fun way.

If you are planning an exciting and something unique way for your family to enjoy their day then Hoys will be a perfect choice. You can make this show exceptional by throwing in some luxury to the excitement mix. Yes, the service providers go to extra lengths to make viewing of the show an outstanding experience. You can choose from some of the best VIP Hospitality packages that are available at the NEC centre in Birmingham in October 2015. The only word of caution is to be careful while making your selection of the service provider. Since the show is highly popular, all kinds of websites promise to give you a “VIP” treatment when it reality it is not the case! Trusted names like Premier Tickets are not only reliable but will also give you top value for your money. Here are some packages to choose from:

Silver VIP Hospitality

By booking the silver VIP package, the visitors can enjoy front tier seats to get the most extraordinary viewing experience. You can also avail the on-site parking facility which is one of the best takeaways of the VIP package. Parking is often a hassle but is taken care of for you at Hoys in NEC. No need to stand in long queues. Get ushered in through the VIP fast track entrance gate and get an exclusive access to the VIP lounge bar where can enjoy three drinks and 2 course meals.

Golden VIP Hospitality

It is amazing to have the clear view of the arena from your Premium Corporate Front Lower Tier Seats. Additionally, you can get the car parking facility and quick entrance to the arena. Get access to the VIP restaurant & bar pre show, during interval and after the show is over. Gold customers also get a champagne reception along with 4 course meals in a fine dining setting.

Platinum VIP Hospitality

Your premium show-deck seats will allow you to enjoy the show from the closest proximity. You get an onsite VIP parking spot and the fast track entrance to the arena. Enjoy access to the bar and restaurant along with champagne reception and 4 course meals in gastro grill style. You also get to enjoy complimentary drinks throughout the show!