Wear your Dancing Shoes to Strictly Come Dancing Live Tour

Dancing is not just an expression of joy but also a form of art that has been prevalent since the times immemorial. Many artists have used this form of expression to tell a story and connect with the audience at an aesthetic level. For many, it is one of the best ways to let go of all their worries and to just let their hair loose while they dance the night away. No wonder that the announcement of Strictly Come Dancing Live Tour 2015 has gained such an immense traction for the fans that are looking for a fun way to see their favorite celebrities compete for the best performance on stage.

The live tour is set to begin starting January 2015 in Birmingham and then touring throughout UK to cover cities like Nottingham, Glasgow, Newcastle, Manchester, Liverpool & Wembley and the concluding act in O2 arena in London. The audience gets to see and cheer for their favorite celebrity couples take the stage by the storm as they perform in all their glory to get the judge’s vote for the best performance. This action packed evening is filled with anticipation and excitement for all the dance lovers and opt for their preferred contestants by voting through their mobile phones. The lineup has been confirmed where the celebrities will set the stage on fire with their dance and life partners.

If you are looking to be a part of this amazing show then you need to get online as fast as possible and book your spot before it is gone. Since the day of the announcement, the tickets have been selling like hot cakes and it is only a matter of days when the show will be sold out. While you can also get to enjoy it on BBC Channel, there is nothing like being there in person amid all the real time performances and crowd cheering in enthusiasm. It is an all new experience to see your desirable couple take the floor by the storm and be ready to accept the judge’s comments sportingly. This competition, live in action, is the best way to explore the manic excitement behind a spectacular show.

You can also be a part of this fun filled event by simply booking a ticket online. There are many online portals that offer the facility to book the show tickets from the comforts of your home and be prepared for the evening, well in advance. Just look up the dates and the city they will be performing at and make a booking as per your preference. Thanks to the raging popularity of Strictly Come Dancing, there are many exciting packages available for the online bookers that can be availed at amazing deals. You can not only enjoy the show for what it’s worth but also make an evening of it by booking meal packages or even an accommodation, as your pocket allows. So grab hold of your couple and cheer for the ones that are your favorites.