CATS The Musical in London – Why the Production is Unbeatable?

When T.S Eliot wrote the Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats, he perhaps never imagined that a musical rendition of his book would take the world by a storm. As it happens, that is exactly what is happening across the world. The legendary musical CATS, with its music composed by legendary musician Andrew Lloyd Webber, has become one of the most watched shows in the world. So whether you are on a cultural tour in London, or are hankering for a show at Broadway, you would certainly be able to find a show time that suits you.


As CATS (“Nicole Sherzinger” who has been announced as lead role) comes back to London, to play at the Palladium, more and more people are flocking to buy tickets. Some have not seen the show before, and others are coming back to see if again. The musical, which tells the story of Jellicles, a tribe of cats that has to decide which among them will be the one to ascent to the Heaviside Layer to come back and start an entirely new life, has enraptured audiences year after year. CATS The Musical in London first opened up in the West End theatres in the year 1981. it was then directed by Treveor Nunn, with Gillian Lynne giving the cats their graceful moves. After having won accolades in London, the troop went to Broadway in 1982 and managed to enthrall audiences in the USA as well.


Since then, CATS has won several awards, including that of Best Musical in several award events. The London production of CATS ran for 21 years straight and keeps returning, while the Broadway rendition ran for 18 years. Both the productions set several new records which other productions are still attempting to break. Some actresses became associated with the musical, and one even performed in it during its entire run in Broadway. So huge was the production’s success that it was translated into more than 20 languages and has been run in theatres all across the world. A made for television film was also produced on the lines of the musical.


The entire production consists of two acts. Both acts are characterized by lithe dance movements, eclectic jazz numbers, and a lot of on stage energy. The opening act, called When Cats Are Maddened by the Midnight Dance, describes to the audiences the nature and purpose of the tribe of cats, the introduction of the members of tribes along with their names follows. The second act is where the story unfolds further. The act is called Why Will the Summer Day Delay — When Will Time Flow Away.


If you have yet to witness CATS The Musical in London, it is time that you do. After Phantom of the Opera, CATS is the fourth longest running musical in the West End Theatres and a must visit for all cultural connoisseurs. The well known characters, the beloved actors and the awe inspiring music of the production is definitely worth witnessing at least once in your life. So do not miss this chance and book your tickets now.