Get set for heart throbbing excitement this festive season!

Christmas and New Year is round the corner and there is no better place than London to celebrate the final week of the Gregorian Calendar that ends with the   Christmas and New Year, two of the most important dates in the Christian Calendar. And of late, they are celebrated with fun, excitement and gaiety throughout the world and not just in Europe and America. Thanks to some high pressure salesmanship by innovative marketing companies, festivals have become religion agnostic and all communities celebrate these events with full enthusiasm and gusto.


The countdown begins…


Markets all across the globe begin their decorations a fortnight in advance, offer deep discounts and attract buyers with freebies, in order to end the calendar year on a high. Executives all across the globe  stash up their casual leaves in order to  go on a holiday and escape the biting cold that grips  the northern hemisphere in the month of December. Some parts of Africa and the whole of Australia experiences summers and they receive visitors from all across the globe. Some prefer to rent out their houses in London for those coming to the city as London often falls short of hotel rooms in order to accommodate visitors   to a city that has a cultural consciousness of its own and attracts tourists like bees to a hive.


Exciting packages on offer


With so much action happening, how can travel and hospitality service companies be far behind and therefore travel agents tie up with both hotels and entertainment companies to offer ticket and hotel packages for West End Theatre that offers the best of entertainment in the whole of London by showcasing some of the best work of artists through the medium of song, dance and drama. Hollywood and Bollywood take a backseat as  theatres are packed to capacity as people are starved for entertainment and anything interesting that can make them think, laugh or touch their souls  really gets the moolah. They are tired of formula masala movies of bollywood and of late Hollywood also has began to produce a lot of junk as more than seventy percent of the movies are no longer released in theatres but on television.


West End theatre at its best…

The preferences for theatre also  signals the growth of cerebral  cinema that connects the educated, discerning folk together who want to watch something in  a nice push setting with good people around and are willing to pay anything for it. No one wants to watch bad cinema or meaningless plays at any price. Give audiences quality entertainment and they will become your best and quickest brand ambassadors as West End Theatre has understood and perfected its marketing mix very well. Cinema is an art that portrays human emotions, complexity and nuances of man-woman relationships through the medium of speech, song and dance but it needs some very savvy marketing in order to make it to the big league.  You have got to get the product mix, price-mix right in order to deliver meaningful cinema to customers.

Exploring London the smart way

If you are reading this, then surely you must be having it at the back of your mind as to how should you go about touring the city of London that is just great in terms of sightseeing, food, pop- culture and definitely all this compensates for the gloomy weather as Great Britain is far […]
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