Legendary Musicals – Evita and Cats at the West End

Many people visit London for variety of reasons. Some come here for the business purposes while some travel for leisure and for some people London is all about the West End theatre. The exemplary performances that adorn the stages of the famous theatres at the west end have been an international phenomenon for quite some time and have been a major crowd puller. So many people come to London just to experience a night of artistic performances and go home aesthetically satiated.

The west End theatre has been a pride of Central London for many years and has been responsible for hosting some of the best acts from literary world. Apart from that you can also come here for the musical performances. The latest to make a return to west end are the Evita and Cats. These legendary shows will come for a limited run of 55 performances and 12 weeks run respectively. ‘Cats’ has enjoyed the honour of being one of the longest running shows in west end and is sure to sell like hot cakes post the announcement. Evita on the other hand is a mournful musical journey of Eva Peron who travelled from the Argentinean slums to being the first lady of Argentina by marrying the Argentine Dictator Juan Peron.

These Andrew Lloyd Weber creations Cats and Evita will be played at London’s Palladium and Dominion Theatre respectively. Both the shows have their distinct qualities which make them popular as well as sought after theatrical performance. If you are looking to get suitably drenched in quality performances then it is time for you to mark your calendar and book your dates with Premier Ticket.

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London is a city that has something for everyone. So if you are yet to experience the magic of west end theatre, now is the time to plan a weekend full of luxury and artistic revelation through the commendable performances of Cats and Evita. Make your booking now and avail the special offers to save money. Let the city surprise you with its period art and drama at the west end. Book now before you lose your favourite spots.