Dance the Night Away with Michael Flatley

Michael Flatley, an American-Irish dance sensation who is known for his choreography, acting skills, music and also presenting occasional shows on the TV. He shot to fame because of his ground breaking performances known as River dance, Lord of the Dance, Fleet of Flames and the Celtic Tiger. The award winning and record breaking performances by Michael Flatley are coming to London for the final time.

His original masterpiece ‘Lord of the Dance: Dangerous Games’ is premiering at the legendary London Palladium for eight weeks only. The performance will include over 40 young spectacular dancers and will be directed by Michael Flatley himself. You can experience the newness of the show with new music and performance but epic-ness of the master dancer.

Located at the west end theatre, London Palladium which has been a host to so many sensational performances in the past is opening up its gates to one more epic performance waiting to happen, Michael Flatley and the troop with their grand premier. It is one of the most famous theatres in the United Kingdom and is known for variety of musical shows. Due to the limited run of his performance, the Palladium is expected to be chock-a-block with spectators who would not want to miss this exclusive premier of a global performer.

The version Dangerous Games of the Lord of the Dance series speaks of the dark tales that has been witnessed by millions of viewers in the past. Based on the Irish folklore, the dancers will tell a story of the good and the bad with their liquid moves and superb direction by Flatley. This performance is going to be joined by Michael Flatley for his final performance at the West End with his troop of 40 dancers as well as the Girls Aloud singer Nadine Cole with a guest appearance on the show. This performance at the epic stadium marks the venue’s history to host some of the best shows in the history of performing arts.

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